Your Life Designing Summer-Collection

Summer Playlist

Every summer I wind down, and shift from doing to being.

And I shift from constant creative output to joyful creative input: Inspiring books, deep conversations, delicious food, quality time with my loved ones, and taking time for doing absolutely nothing! Holding space for new ideas to come and for old baggage to leave.

Yes, that’s how I design my summer breaks, not by coincidence, but through mindful intention.

I “owe” this winding-down-time to myself, to my family, to my business and, last but not least, to you, my dear Life Designing Community!

Therefore, this month of August, once again, I’ll be “Out of office”!

But I won’t take off without leaving a little treat for you. For your wellbeing, your energy and your motivation. Therefore I sat down and compiled a little summer collection of Life Designing Videos, which could be helpful for your individual life situation, and your current “pain points”. Take a look, it might be exactly what you were looking for!

I.) Challenge: Are you feeling overwhelmed, de-motivated, or unclear about your next steps?

My Life Designing Video Tips for You:

II.) Challenge: Are you struggling with pursuing your work or life dream/ mission?

My Life Designing Video Tips for You:

I hope with these videos you’ll be well equipped with inspiration, insights, and support for this month of August. So you continue on your wonderful Life Designing journey, towards a meaningful, balanced and happy Life Design.

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