“Quarantine Dreams” are a Real Thing!

Quarantine Dreams

Vivid dreams, weird dream “encounters”, nightmares lately? Experiencing changes in your sleep are totally normal these days…

Lately, I was observing some pretty strange “developments” in my life. And started asking myself at one point, am I slowing going Corona-Crazy?

But let me tell you first, what happened, maybe you know exactly what I mean.
During my days I feel, most of the time, pretty stable, grounded, in control of the situation. Sure, once in a while things throw me off track, but somehow I manage to gain stable ground quite fast.

But at night, during my sleep, oh boy, that’s a totally different scenario!

I’m experiencing extremely vivid and weird dreams, sometimes even nightmares, and wake up restless, confused and exhausted. People, places and events from the past show up in such a clarity, and often I wake up confused, what’s reality, and what has been just a dream. 

Seriously, it concerned me! One bad dream, once in a while, ok….but almost every single night?!

So I searched for help. Where I’m always looking for help: at the Google.
And guess what?

No, I’m not going nuts, “Quarantine dreams” are a real thing!!!! 

If you google you’ll find countless articles, suggestions, and tips how to deal with those vivid dreams or nightmares which are caused by these uncertain and challenging times of this pandemic.
For me, the most important thing in dealing with this phenomenon, was realising I’m not alone, thanks god, and I wasn’t going corona-crazy! 

So in case you’re struggling with the same issue, here’re some tips that started to make things a little better for me:

  • Stocking up on Magnesium. Every night before going to bed I take a Magnesium supplement. A life-saver in times of stress or overwhelm.
  • I limit my intake of (Corona) news, ideally watching the news just once a day
  • I use a calming air spray with essential oils in my bedroom before going to bed
  • I listen to an inspiring podcast before falling asleep (even though I hardly make it past the 10-minute-mark, but it helps nevertheless)
  • In case I wake up in the middle of the night, I have already some calming meditations saved on my phone, and I play one right after waking up
  • Sports, sports, sports….I try to move as fast and as often as I can, and discovered an old passion of mine…dance workouts! Exhausting my body seems to calm my mind

So in case you also experienced changed or troubled sleeping patterns lately….it’s totally normal. And you’re not alone. Investing in a little sleep-care-routine will go a long way right now.

And let’s not forget the most important thing of all: This too shall pass, dear friend!

Looking for more tips and inspiration, how to navigate these times?

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Photo by Glen Hodson on Unsplash

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