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Is this You?

You have a hard time finding joy and motivation when starting and shaping your days?
You feel constantly overwhelmed and burned-out?

You struggle finding clarity in your current life situation and feel blocked and stuck about your next steps, professionally and/or in your personal life?

You feel there’re more setbacks, disappointments and obstacles crossing your path than success stories, positive surprises and promising opportunities?

Dear, you’re not alone!

We all experience times, when we lack clarity, positive anticipation, motivation, or fulfilment. Times, when we can even lose the “spark” for our life.
But we shouldn’t forget that those times are also precious turning points: In those moments, we have the choice and opportunity to leave the outdated version of our lives behind and create something new and more aligned with ourselves, our values, our needs, and our dreams.

Sometimes, it’ll only take a couple of tweaks and adjustments to get there, sometimes you’ll open a whole new chapter.

Let me support you on this journey of finding clarity, overcoming your blocks and challenges, and taking action towards a future you truly love. And let’s work together, to rekindle the love story with your own life again.

Individual Coaching sessions (via Skype) in German, English, or Portuguese.
Contact me for availability & fees.

Rekindle - Coaching Offer


During this free Session, we’ll:

- Create a clear vision of what it looks like for YOU, to live an empowered, joyful and fulfilling life and
- Uncover your hidden challenges and blocks on your path to building this life for yourself

You'll leave this session inspired and empowered to start making adjustments and create the life you truly love.

Simply send me a request (subject line: Free Rekindle Session) and fill out the short application form you'll receive via E-mail.
This is a limited offer, based upon availability.
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