Individual Life Design Coaching


Do you find yourself faced with these kinds of (work) life challenges?

- Things seem to be stuck or slowed-down.

- You feel you have too many tasks and too little time on your hands.

- You don't know how to prioritise or balance important areas of your life.

- You are at a professional crossroad and experience uncertainty about next steps.

- You experience the challenges of an expat career and life abroad.

All of those situations have one thing in common: The answers or solutions to these challenges can only be found within yourself. And it is up to you to get active, to explore options and to design the (work) life you want and need.

But how?

My Life Design Coaching, in person or skype calls, offers the unique opportunity to explore various kinds of life questions and challenges and will provide you with the necessary tools and support to discover, design and achieve a life in balance.

During several deep exploration sessions we will tackle, among others, the following questions together:

>What is the core challenge or the burning question?

>What result or outcome would be desired?

>What needs to be explored in depth to materialise this result or outcome?

>What life areas are affected?

>What are the practical next steps?

>What are possible options or alternatives?

Together, we will create a life-design plan to track progress on a regular basis and to ensure the desired results in your life.