Individual Life Design Coaching


Do you find yourself faced with these kinds of life questions or challenges?

- You feel stuck or lost about your next professional or personal steps?

- You constantly feel overwhelmed and burned-out?

- You feel you've too many tasks and too little time on your hands?

- You don't know how to prioritise or balance important areas of your life?

- You've lost your joy and motivation about starting your days, and each task feels like a struggle?

Most of us will have to deal with these kinds of challenges or questions at one point in our lives. And Life Designing is an extremely powerful and effective tool, to address these challenges and to turn them into new opportunities. Let me support you in learning how to become a Life Designer and how to build a thriving life. Now, and for good.

How does it work?

Time and impact efficiency is one of my top priorities in my business, and in my life.

To be able to get the best results and outcome in the least amount of time.

And that's what I also want for you! Instead of months of individual coaching with a high commitment in time and money, I'm offering you a completely new approach:

- 6 weeks of Life Designing Online Training to learn the methodology of Life Designing and to gain clarity about your life situation and your desired changes (incl. lifelong access to all the training material)

- combined with super targeted 30-minute coaching sessions to maximize the impact & result of the training

The E-Course, combined with 3-4 Coaching Quickies, will deliver you the same targeted and personalized results as months of individual coaching sessions but at a fraction of the financial investment.

Together, we'll create your new Life Design and track your progress, to ensure the desired changes and results in your life.