Create a Life of Happiness, Success & Meaning

A re you tired of feeling stuck or lost about your next professional or personal steps?

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed and burned-out, and have no idea where to start making adjustments?

Has your motivation, drive, and excitement about starting your days gone missing and you don't have any clue how to get them back?

With my unique approach of Life Designing & Mindset Coaching, I'll support you in gaining clarity, overcoming blocks and setbacks, and creating new opportunities and life changes - fast!

Let me assist you in designing a life and a future you truly love.
And experience how exhilarating it feels, to create and live a life of happiness, success and meaning.
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Unlock your full potential for happiness & success!

With my unique combination of Life Designing & Mindset Coaching,
I'll support you in gaining a clear vision of the life and the future you want to create, and together we'll define actionable steps how to get there, fast!

Life Designing & Mindset Coaching is a powerful approach that combines practical tools for creating a clear vision and personalized solutions, as well as the in-depth exploration and transformation of your self-sabotaging and self-limiting beliefs.
Coaching auf Deutsch, in English, em Portugûes

The only thing standing between you and your dream (life) is you.
Time to change this today!

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1x1 Coaching Session

Clearing your Mindset Blocks - Kickstarter Session (1x 120 min.)

You did it! Finally you launched this new business venture, started this new job, moved to a new country, or dared this big life change you've always dreamed of.
But instead of feeling joy, exhilaration and motivation, there's self-doubt, self-critique, procrastination, and the annoying "impostor syndrome" creeping up.

Because our mind distrusts and opposes change, and wants to bring us back to our "safe haven", aka our old, outdated life.

With my special Kickstarter Session, I'll help you to clear the mindset blocks in regards to this new life situation, and together we'll craft an actionable plan, how to keep those limiting beliefs in line, so you can focus on thriving, succeeding, and enjoying.

(This session is only suitable for mindset blocks in regards to one specific, new work/life situation)

Investment: 320,-€
(1 x 120 minutes via Skype/ Zoom + pre-coaching Assessment Questionnaire, to prepare our Session)

Coaching auf Deutsch, in English, em Portugûes

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