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Life Designing - fall in love with your life (again)

A re you tired of feeling stuck or lost about your next professional or personal steps?

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed and burned-out, and have no idea where to start making adjustments?

Has your motivation, drive, and excitement about starting your days gone missing and you don't have any clue how to get them back?

There's a powerful and innovative tool, Life Designing, that will help you to gain clarity, overcome block, and move from insights to action - fast!

Join me, and let me support you in designing a life and a future you truly love.
Yvonne Hendrych

Founder Workinbalance

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Life Designing

Life Designing has its origins in the well established methodology of Design Thinking,
a human-centred design process to create innovative solutions.

It's action-orientated, forward thinking, creative and fun.

Ever wondered why designers embrace challenges?

Why they thrive on unsolved questions, uncertain outcomes, and out-of-the-box solutions?

It's because they know that challenges and uncertainty equals growth and infinite opportunities.

In my training and coaching, you'll learn how you can turn challenging situations into opportunities and tailor-made solutions.

In other words, you'll learn how to become a designer.

A Life Designer.


New Group Coaching Program
starting February 17th, 2020

Life Designing Group Coaching

Life Designing Group Coaching

Gain Clarity & New Perspectives to Make Change Happen!

- 8 weeks in total, starting February 17th
- 6 Online Course Modules
- accompanied by my individual feedback for each participant
- weekly Facebook Lives to deepen the online content and Q+A
- 2 implementation weeks including 2 interactive webinars
- 20 participants max.

Contact me personally for more information and your questions, via or WhatsApp.

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We're now busy designing our lives.

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Buy your individual, take-home workshop
and start designing a life you truly love!

Life Designing E-Course

Life Designing E-Course

Start your new Life Design today with this independent, self-paced training, and learn how to:

- Overcome your limiting beliefs
- Identify your counterproductive behaviour patterns
- Find clarity about what's essential in your personal and professional life
- Build ideas and a plan of action "the Life Designer's way"

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