Exit the

3-Month Group Coaching Experience,
to help you exit the decision-dilemma, and gain confidence in your next steps forward.

🇩🇪 Start Deutsche Gruppe: 2. September
🇬🇧 Start International Group: 9th of September

The "Maybe-Baby-Dilemma" is real!

Do you feel stuck, and life seems to go in circles, instead of moving ahead?
Constantly hoovering over the same questions, and unable to come to an answer?

  • "I know, I'm meant to be a mother. But the right partner is nowhere near. How long should I wait?"
  • "I just made an important career move. How long can I postpone motherhood, without taking too many risks?
  • "I'm dreaming of a job change. But is it wise, to do it in my mid/late 30ies, wanting to be a mother as well?
  • "I'm in my 40ies without a baby. Is there still hope to be a mother?"
  • "I think, I don't want to be a mother. Will I regret it?
    ...and so the list goes on.

For us women, navigating our 30ies and 40ies, and trying to align questions of motherhood, relationships, career, and self-actualisation, often appears to be "Mission Impossible".
Add on top of this decision-dilemma, the pressure of your biological clock, and the deadlock is perfect.

But how can you move forward, when your life priorities and dreams appear to be in opposition to each other, and time seems to be running out?

A quick-fix, in only one area of your life, certainly won't do the trick.

What you need now, is a holistic approach: Working on the outer structure of your life, your wishes and dreams, is equally important as working on the inner structure aka your resilience, emotional wellbeing, and mindset.
Working on questions around motherhood is equally important as looking at your relationships, your career and your sense of self

The "Maybe-Baby-Dilemma" is complex. And trying to find an exit strategy on your own, is often a dead-end.
So why not join a like-minded group, and my professional guidance, to craft your exit strategy and finally move ahead?

Why work with me?

Over the past 9 years of coaching and training work, I had the privilege to work with over 600 clients so far, mostly women in their 30ies and early 40ies.
Since the beginning, working on a holistic life design, and tackling the complex interconnections of various life topics and life areas, had always been my main focus and my passion.

The "Maybe-Baby-Dilemma", that's how I call the decision deadlock between important life questions around motherhood, partnership, career, and self, has become one of the predominant topics in this work, and has also been a huge part of my personal life journey.
I became passionate to learn more about fertility, fertility options, motherhood questions, and relationship challenges related to the "Maybe-Baby-Dilemma".

Now, I'm extremely grateful, to be able to bring this specific expertise, knowledge, and personal experience, to my coaching work with women.


Yvonne brings excellent coaching skills and extensive knowledge to fertility coaching

I teamed up with Yvonne for my “Fertility Mindset Mastery Course”, to bring her excellent coaching skills to my course participants.

Besides her professional competence and experience, Yvonne has a gift to approach sensitive topics, like fertility and motherhood, with incredible sensibility, empathy, and extensive knowledge.

I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Yvonne, if you wish to achieve a profound break-through with difficult life questions, whilst feeling seen, supported, and uplifted throughout the process. 
Bettina Gordon-Wayne, Author of “The Joy of later Motherhood” 
Bettina Gordon- Wayne
Author, Speaker & Coach

3-Month Group Coaching
"Exit the Maybe-Baby-Dilemma"


  • 3 months of personal coaching support and deep exploration work
  • 6 live group coaching session (120 minutes, Zoom) with my personal coaching expertise and tools for you
  • self-exploration exercises and training in between the sessions
  • and as a special bonus gift, the signature Positive Intelligence ®️ program, including a one-year app-supported training, to quiet your internal stressors and self-sabotaging patterns, and activate your optimal brain support (worth $ 995,-)
  • this coaching is for you, if:
    - you're stuck in taking the next career step because you're not sure, how to align it with motherhood
    - you're currently single and want to explore your options
    - you're not sure, if the timing is right for motherhood
    - you're not sure, if you're cut out for motherhood
    - you wonder, if it's not too late
    - you feel emotionally and physically burnt-out, trying to find those answers
    - or, you simply want to be prepared and conscious, about the next steps, you're taking
  • we'll work together, in a small and intimate group of max. 6 women
  • Special Introduction Price, 40% off:
    3x 275,-€ monthly payment (or 799,-€ one-time) instead of 1350,-€ regular price + bonus gift of Positive Intelligence ®️ program (worth $995)
🇩🇪 Start Deutsche Gruppe: 26. August
🇬🇧 Start International Group: 2nd of September

Exit the "Maybe-Baby-Dilemma"

3 months of personal coaching support,
1-year access to the Positive Intelligence®️ training,
and deep exploration work through self-reflection and self-assessment exercises


Your brain during times of challenges, anxiety, stress and uncertainty
Kick-off Positive Intelligence®️ training

Your individual saboteur patterns, during your "Maybe-Baby-Dilemma"
Untangling the elements and areas of your personal "Maybe-Baby-Dilemma"


Your Value-Framework, Your Life Essentials
What’s underneath the surface of your dilemma
What/Where are your blind spots.

What resources do you bring to this journey
The Decision Pyramid
Activating your "support brain" for a better solution finding and problem solving process


Crafting your Vision
Ideating solutions, the Life Designer's way

Turning visions and ideas into action
Crafting your personal action plan for your future
Completion exercise

BONUS WORK: One year continued training with the Positive Intelligence®️ App, to guarantee a long-term,
positive mindset shift.

Special Introduction Price, 40% off:

3x 275,-€ monthly payment or 799,-€ one-time payment (instead of 1350,-€ regular price)
(with bonus gift of Positive Intelligence®️ training, worth $995)


Positive Intelligence®️ Training

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