My New Program
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Perform better, improve relationships, and feel happier and more at peace.

This cutting edge training is all about tapping into your full (positive) potential and at the same time uncovering and quieting your mental Saboteurs, that might still hold you back from:
experiencing a highly motivated, purposeful and successful work life,
allowing deep connections and creating loving and growth-oriented relationships,
feeling joy, motivation, and creativity in your day to day life,
and handling stress and challenges with confidence and a growth mindset.

About Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence (PI) is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science by Shirzad Chamine, a New York Times bestselling Author and Stanford lecturer.

His research on Mental Fitness/Positive Intelligence included hundreds of CEOs, sales, operations, and technology teams, Stanford students, elite athletes and 500,000 participants from 50 countries.

This research was summarized in Shirzad Chamine’s book Positive Intelligence, a New York Times bestseller, translated into 20 languages.

His research has shown your individual Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ), the strength of your positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative (Saboteur), to be the best predictor of how happy you are and how well you perform relative to your potential.

The good news is, you CAN increase your PQ and strengthen your positive mental muscles in a matter of weeks by:
- Intercepting your mental Saboteurs
- Activating the brain region where your Sage lives
- And strengthening your PQ response towards stress and challenging life/work situations.


How you Self Sabotage

A key to Mental Fitness is to weaken the internal Saboteurs stemming from childhood coping strategies or response to significant life events, who generate your “negativity” in the way they respond to challenges.

Your Saboteurs are a root cause of stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, regret, shame, guilt, and unhappiness.

Saboteurs manifest in form of:
The Judge
The Controller
The Avoider
The Victim
The Stickler
and 5 Others

Start increasing your Positive Intelligence by taking the Free Saboteur Assessment.
This assessment will tell you which of your saboteurs are most active for you personally.
* The button will take you to my partner website for the assessment.

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My 6-weeks Group-Coaching & PQ App Training


Strengthen your Positive Mental Muscles and quiet down your Mental Saboteurs

Weekly 1-hour Group Coaching Call (Zoom) with me

As a Positive Intelligence Coach, trained by Shirzad Chamine, I can bring this groundbreaking research and app guided training, combined with my expertise in Life Designing & Brain-based Coaching, exclusively to you. (Groups in 🇩🇪 and 🇬🇧)

We will work in a small, intimate group setting (3-6 participants), so I can ensure my personal attention to each participant, deliver impactful coaching interventions, deepen your PI knowledge and answer your questions.

Weekly 1-hour Content Session with Shirzad Chamine
In these self-paced learning sessions, Positive Intelligence Founder and Stanford lecturer Shirzad Chamine dives deep into the PI knowledge and guides you through experiential exercises that deepen and personalize your understanding of the mental fitness tools. (Video Content only in 🇬🇧)

Exclusive PQ App Training
Each day a different focus for daily practice is assigned through a personalized companion app available exclusively to program participants.
This builds one small muscle at a time, laying down new neural pathways to form lasting positive habits of your mind. (App training only in 🇬🇧)

Interactive PQ Gym
Innovative 10-second PQ Reps build up your Self-Command muscle. You learn to be clear-headed and calm even in the midst of great challenges, able to command your mind to shift from Saboteur to Sage response.


6 Weeks of Inspired Practice
The Positive Intelligence®️ Program

Learn innovative 10-second PQ Reps that boost your self-command.
This enables you to run your brain rather than being run by your Saboteur-hijacked brain.

Learn how to intercept and weaken the most damaging Saboteur, the Judge.
You discover how judging yourself, others, and circumstances is a key source of your stress and damaging to your performance.

Learn to intercept and weaken the top accomplice to your Judge Saboteur, identified through the Saboteur Assessment from the following: Avoider, Controller, Hyper-Achiever, Hyper-Rational, Hyper-Vigilant, Pleaser, Restless, Stickler, Victim.
Expose your accomplice Saboteur's hidden lies, limiting beliefs and negative patterns.

After weakening your Saboteurs, it is now time to strengthen your Sage, the counterpart to your Saboteurs.
Your Sage lives in an entirely different part of your brain, generates all your positive emotions, and achieves peak performance through a calm and clear mind.

Unlock the 5 Sage powers that form all of the emotional intelligence competencies considered crucial to professional success and personal fulfilment.

Use your Sage’s Navigate and Activate powers to take clear-headed, laser-focused, decisive action aligned with meaning and purpose.
Discover how your Sage generates your highest performance while enjoying every step.

BONUS WEEK: Work & Life Applications of PQ
Learn how to apply the PQ Tools to various areas and situations, such as:
Stress Management, Productivity & Performance, Work/Life Balance, Handling "difficult" people, Health & Dieting, Parenting, Leadership, Coaching others, Relationships, Conflict Management and Self Actualization.


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