How to become more Emotion-Conscious?

Become conscious of your emotions

Building a life that’s in alignment with your authentic self requires one essential thing – Your Authentic Self!

In other words, an authentic life requires from us to live in close connection to the whole spectrum of emotions and feelings we experience, to listen to their wisdom and insights, and to allow and honour whatever comes up.

And that’s often easier said than done!

How often do we rush through our days, trying to accomplish and check the things from our To-Do-List and are pushing emotions or feelings aside or keep them locked up, because they might distract us from getting things done? Or they’re about to surface at an “inappropriate” moment or situation so we shut them down? How often do we try to pre-filter our emotions and feelings, classify them as good or bad, and then only allow the “good” emotions to get through?

Can you relate to those scenarios above? Does the thought of living in a more emotion-conscious-state intimidate you or puts a question mark on your forehead, how to even do this?

How to live more Emotion-Conscious?

Less is More!

Instead of asking ourselves the question “How can I live MORE conscious of my emotions?” the better question is “How can I have LESS of what’s holding me back from experiencing or connecting to my emotions in the first place?”

Yes, what are the fears, the shame, the self-doubts in regards to allowing your emotions and feelings to be real? What are your limiting beliefs in regards to your emotions or feelings?

Those beliefs, like

  • as a good spouse/ co-worker/ friend/ sibling, it’s not appropriate to show anger or frustration, especially being known as the “sunshine” and “eternal optimist”
  • showing sadness or grief makes me look weak, or ungrateful
  • I can only allow the positive emotions, otherwise I’ll attract even more of the negative stuff

All those fears, shame, doubt and limiting beliefs block our connection to our emotions and feelings. So if we want to become more emotion-conscious, if we want to bring more of our authentic self into our Life Design, we need to take a look at what’s blocking this connection, and work on having less of it.

Screen the Set Up of Your Environment!

Is your behaviour and your environment set up to stifle your feelings? Did you establish a carefully crafted environment of avoidance? Do you have behaviour patterns in place, that distract or disconnect you from your emotional state?

Most of the time we’re not even aware of the fact, that we set up our environment and our default-behaviour to dis-connect from our emotional state.

Binge-watching Netflix or scrolling our Instagram feed might feel like a good way to decompress and relax after a long work day, but it’s also an easy segway into suppressing and masking the emotions and feelings that came up during this day. Important information, we should better listen to.

Engaging in workshops, hobbies, classes, and activities is an important part of a balanced and rich life, but sometimes it can get to a point where it’s less driven by joy and more by fear. The fear of missing out, the fear of spending too much time at home, the fear of not being or doing enough.

Fear driven over-engaging will not bring you closer to your authentic self, on the contrary, it’ll only keep you in a hamster wheel of running and avoiding.

So what’s the set up of an emotion-conscious environment?

It’s giving yourself and your emotion and feelings enough space and time, on a regular basis. No numbing activity, no binge-watching, no binge-eating, no binge-course-taking.

Living more emotion-conscious and creating a life in alignment with our Authentic Self will require those two things: eliminating what’s blocking us from allowing this connection, and setting up an emotion-favouring environment.

With a little effort and the commitment to be more self-conscious, we can all achieve this authentic way of living.

Inspired to take action towards a life in alignment with your authentic self, and would like some support on this journey?

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Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

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