3 Things I wish I’d known before becoming a First-Time Entrepreneur (Video)

3 years ago, I headed into my business venture pretty naive, unprepared and with a quite “romantic” perspective of an entrepreneur’s life.

Had this been to my disadvantage?
I don’t believe so.
It helped me to look for out-of-the-box answers and solutions and to rely more on my soft skills, my strengths, my creativity, and my determination.

Would I’ve done anything different if I could go back in time?
Not really.

But there are 3 important things I’ve realized over the past 3 years, which would have made things a bit smoother, less draining. 

3 things I’d like to share with you

Hoping they might help you on your entrepreneurial journey.
Whether you’re just starting out (or thinking about it), or already all in:

#1 Make failure, rejection and uncertainty part of your business strategy

#2 Take good care of your intellectual wellbeing

#3 Align your outer timeline with your inner timeline

Find out more in this week’s video. And enjoy your journey ahead of you.

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