The # 1 Reason You’re still Stuck – and what to do about it

The reason you still feel stuck might be very simple, but not so obvious. 


Let me be really blunt, here.

The number one reason why you still feel stuck is YOU!

I know, that sounds harsh. And obvious. And I know you’d immediately reply: “Thanks Yvonne, but if I’d know what to do differently, I would have done it already!” 

But here’s the thing, I’m saying this with all my love and with the best of intentions. 

When we start accepting that WE are the reason why things don’t flow in our lives, we start to take ownership of the situation.


Yes, it’s all about you – but not only!


The good news is, even if it’s no one else but us who has to take full ownership of the situation, we don’t have to be on our own.

And we shouldn’t be on our own.


So the real reason why things feel stuck or blocked in our lives is because we have outgrown our old tribe and not yet found our new one.


I think we can all agree that as human beings we’re constantly growing and evolving.

Everyone at a different speed and into different directions.

But hardly do we ever ask ourselves if our tribe is also growing with us? And growing in the same direction? 


Have you outgrown your tribe? 


This is not about ending our deep-rooted friendships that existed already since elementary school because over the years we all ended up in different life situations. 

No, I’m talking about a larger group of people. A tribe.  

People who could play an important role in our journey towards change. And towards getting unstuck.   


Look for people who’re one little step ahead of you!


We all need inspiration. We all need people who inspire us, first of all to dream, and second to take action.

There’re those people who greatly inspire us to dream.  How it would be to live their lives. To have their jobs. To live their travel adventures.

But usually it stops there.

At the dream level. Because their lifestyle or their accomplishments are so far ahead of us that they might inspire us to dream but they don’t inspire us to take action.

Look for people who inspire you, not only to dream but also to take action. And those are the people who are just one little step ahead of you.

So look around you!

In your entourage, are there enough people that inspire you?

Are there people who’ve taken one step down a road you’d considered for yourself but lacked courage to try it out?



When I felt “stuck” in my career and life, for a very long time this was exactly what I lacked. My new tribe.

A tribe that was aligned with where I was in my life. And where I wanted to head towards.

A tribe of people who allowed themselves to think in all possible direction, even in giving up a well established career. A tribe of people who would turn their back on security and who would jump onto the rollercoaster of becoming an entrepreneur. Especially a tribe of female entrepreneurs.

But as always in life, things are taken care of for us. Our job is simply to open our eyes, our mind, and our heart and be ready to receive.

And  that’s what happened for me.

One by one, my new tribe started to grow around me.

A wonderful, inspiring friend who had the courage to leave a secure pay check and follow her heart to write.

An inspiring power woman/entrepreneur who had the courage to move to the Big Apple, start her dream business and pursued it despite all the roadblocks and detours.

Wonderful changemakers and social entrepreneurs who inspired me to search for both, an entrepreneurial venture and at the same time positive impact.  

My wonderful “personal-development-soul-sisters” who had already several years of experience in the world of personal development, and, besides inspiring me, supported me also with practical advice.

I was lucky. Really lucky in finding them all.

And so will be you!

As soon as you realize that “finding and growing your tribe” is your priority #1.



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