What’s a “you-centred” design process?

Design Thinking, the cornerstone of Life Designing, is a user-centred design approach to create products and services which truly meet our needs.

Life Designing is aiming for exactly the same result, creating solutions around your needs, values, aspirations and around how you’re wired.

Only when you take yourself as the pivot point for whatever idea or solution you would like to design in your life, you will create something unique, often extremely innovative and most importantly something that truly fits your life.

Even more, you will be able to design ideas and solutions that are holistic and well-balanced, taking into account all important areas of your life, your professional life, your personal life and your relationships, and your own well-being. And you will be able to see how those areas, if fitted together in a harmonious life design, create win-win situations rather than demand painful trade offs. 


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