Life Designer vs. Life Planner

Life Designer or Life Planner – do you know the difference? Many people ask me: “Yvonne, what exactly is a Life Designer?” Well, to explain this we have to take a look at what it isn’t.

Approaching life with the mindset and behaviour of a Life Designer is the opposite of being a Life Planner. 

Life Planner try to spot the perfect solution somewhere out there in the future, Life Planner try to figure out every little detail in their head before making a move in real life.

Life Planner want to forecast every eventuality and are intimidated or paralysed by uncertainty and by the unknown. And Life Planner want to find solutions that someone else has already “tested and approved”. 

Not so Life Designers. They embrace uncertainty and challenges because they know about the potential and opportunities that lies within it. Life Designers don’t need to figure everything out before taking action. On the contrary, they figure things out by taking action. Life Designers are not satisfied with generic “one-size-fits-all” solutions because they want to create something  individual and innovative by using their unique skill set and experiences.

Life Designers rarely feel stuck. When they experience failures, setbacks or feel lost they use this moment the pause, asses, recharge and get inspired, because they know that that’s where often the best ideas are happening.


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