Change your Perspective on Taking a Break

Exhaustion or inspiration – what’s the true reason you’re taking a break?


Every year I’m looking forward to my summer weeks in Europe.
It’s my time to connect with my family and friends, to indulge in Mediterranean cuisine, to travel and let myself be inspired, and to slow down my work activities for a while.

I’ve always anxiously anticipated these weeks.

The only difference now is my different perspective on taking a break, or better said, on needing a break.

There have been times in my life and my career where I desperately needed to take breaks throughout the year.I felt exhausted, I felt over-worked and under-joyed, I felt physically weak and there wasn’t much motivation left inside me. 
Back then, my vacations served to “reanimate” me. To restore my physical and mental wellbeing and my motivation. 


Now, things are different.


Yes, I still do work very hard.

More than ever before. And every solopreneur knows too well what I’m talking about.

But despite all the hard work and even stressful times, my motivation, my joy and my physical wellbeing doesn’t fade away over time.
I cautiously watch my life balance and motivation throughout the year and act immediately if things start to go off track.


Now, I no longer feel I need to take a break. I WANT to take a break. And that’s a huge difference.


I want to be there for my family and friends, I want to enjoy this time and indulge in everything Europe has to offer.

And I want to allow myself to change the direction of my activities.

Most of the time I’m busy putting things out there in the world; ideas, reflections, articles, concepts, teachings, etc. 

But taking a break means also reversing this and allowing myself to just take things in.

Feeling inspired without instantly turning it into an article or blog post.

Just receiving.


So this is a little reflection for all you go-getters and over-workers out there: 


  • Are you constantly on a DOING-mode and leave no time to just RECEIVE?
  • Is your work life structured in a way that you desperately NEED breaks?
  • What would it take to change your perspective on taking a break? Small adjustments or a huge shift?


Well, the answer is pretty individual and the choice is 100% yours.
But it’s for sure a valuable reflection.
The reflection, if your perspective on taking a break fits you or not.



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  1. Lucy says:

    I enjoy the article

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