Create more balance with your Personal Success Definition Exercise

(Video & Worksheet)

Being crystal clear about what success means to you is key to more life balance!

When I was asked during an interview about my own strategies how to create a life in balance I immediately thought about the importance of my Personal Success Definition.

For me, success doesn’t happen in my career only.
It’s something I experience in relationships and friendships, in my spiritual life and in regards to my well-being.

And success isn’t something I delay to some point later in my life or make it conditional on a certain achievement.

It’s a feeling, a feeling that I try to bring to my life every single day.


3 Steps to your Personal Success Definition

Being crystal clear about what success means to you, in all areas of your life, and which elements have to be part of this success story is key to creating a clear structure for your days. And key to prioritize and say “no”.   

Your PSD exercise will help you to feel “in charge” of your life (again) and will help you beat the feeling of stress and overwhelm, at work and in your personal life.


First you need to become aware of your personal success elements, in various life areas.

Second, you have to merge them into one PSD.

And last, you need to be clear about your success indicators. It’s what tells you that you’re succeeding on a daily basis.


To make this easier, I created a worksheet for you.

It will help you to define and track your success.

And it will help you feel much more balanced.

Download your worksheet pdf


So watch the video, download the worksheet, and get started! 

Your Personal Success Story is waiting for you 🙂

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