Why Rejection is a Good Thing

Are you feeling low in energy and motivation because you’re starting out a new business or life venture and all you hear is “No” or “Not now” or “Not like this”?


Rejection is inevitable  – but your reaction is a choice


Even the most determined and committed human being will start to feel a decline in motivation and confidence if the predominant response to what you put out there in the world is a rejection.

I know too well these kinds of feelings and how hard it can become to stay motivated and on track.

But no new venture can exist or grow without encountering these reactions or setbacks.
And every entrepreneur, every protagonist, every changemaker went through them.

It’s impossible to avoid rejections but what is possible is choosing your approach and reaction towards them.

That’s the moment where you will decide: 

Do I behave like a Life Planner and perceive rejections as deviations from my master plan and as failures?

Or do I behave like a Life Designer and perceive rejections as helpful insights and invitations to re-design my venture?


Find out more in this week’s video and keep going.
You’re on the right path to designing a life you love.



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