Prototyping beats Perfectionism – if you want to move forward (Video)

Why prototyping needs to beat perfectionism if you want to move forward in your life!

I’m a wholehearted “Imperfectionist”! Oh yes, you heard me right.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have the highest standards for my work or how I show up in life. On the contrary. I’ll always make sure to show up 100% for everything I’m putting out there. In all areas of my life.

And I would never strive for something mediocre.

What I’m talking about is embracing imperfection when you want to move things out of your head and into reality.


Perfectionism equals Procrastination 

Our biggest enemy in moving forward in our lives is perfectionism.

It’s what keeps our great ideas neatly locked up in our head and prevents us from getting active.

“I’m not ready yet”

” I need further training”

“My idea is not perfect yet”

“I’m not sure if this is really what I want”

All this is our perfectionism talking, and our fear! And if you decide to follow them, nothing will move forward.


Choose Prototyping over Perfectionism

Here are my 3 steps to beat perfectionism and get started:


#1 Identify your limiting beliefs around perfectionism and write them down – that’s already the first action step taken.

#2 Analyze the costs of your perfectionism

#3 Commit to one little step to realize your prototype within the next two weeks


And most importantly, embrace all these imperfect attempts and prototypes because they are the building blocks for amazing, and sometimes even perfect, end results.


Watch this week’s video to learn more about these 3 steps. And to find out how I committed to prototype my new career within two weeks. 



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