Podcast Alert – Finding Purpose and Navigating 2020

Long-distance relationships

Join us for this soulful conversation about finding purpose, pursuing this purpose despite life’s rollercoaster moments and about navigating 2020.

(Interview in German language, with Mana from CamaMoves in Munich)

In our conversation, I share

  • how to build, with the help of Life Designing, new opportunities and perspectives after your plans have crashed
  • how to pursue major professional changes
  • how to build a deep and thriving (long-distance) relationship, despite all Covid restrictions
  • how to fill our lives with more purpose and joy
  • why all experiences, even the bad ones, are important information
  • how we can deal with external pressure and critique  

Check out the full conversation on Spotify 

Or CamaMoves website, Episode 15

For my English speaking Community, check out these English Podcast interviews:

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