Podcast Alert – Life Design your way to New Opportunities

Podcast Life Designing

Podcast Alert!

I’m very excited to share this very special Podcast Interview with you.

In this conversation, I’m sharing my tips from Life Designing (the revision of the 5-steps-design-process to create new opportunities) and my personal story of struggling with finding clarity about what’s truly of value and of meaning for me, professionally and personally, and how I managed to finally gain clarity and move to a new life direction and calling.

All of this gathered in a heartfelt podcast, hosted by my dear friend Lily.

Her Life Design story is equally inspiring and I’m still in awe what life and career changes she’s accomplished in such a short time!
You can read more about Lily’s story here 

Our Podcast Conversation can be found on Lily’s🎙”The Enoki Tribe Podcast”.
Join the Cascade of Inspirations together with Lily and myself, and let’s grow this tribe of Changemakers and Life Designers bigger and bigger.

You can listen to the Enoki Tribe Podcast (Episode 6) on Spotify or Apple Podcast/iTunes, just click link below:

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