Planning – the Life Designer’s way (Video)

When it comes to planning, there’s often a confusion or unclarity how to plan the Life Designer’s way.

Or if you should plan at all?


So let’s be clear. We all need a structure. And yes, we all need planning!

The only thing we do differently, planning the Life Designer’s way, is to keep our planning flexible and open for future happenings that we want to include in our design.

Remember, we don’t want to miss out on any great opportunity which might cross our path as we move forward but which comes in a slightly different ‘shape’ than expected or planned.


In this video I share with you how to plan the Life Designer’s way.


So challenge your mindset and your approach towards planning and give these easy steps a try:


# 1 We create a vision – in a way that works best for us

# 2 We break down our vision into bite-size pieces for a monthly outline

# 3 We create a weekly planning – planning forward but also, something very important, planning ‘backwards’


Find out more and keep going, you’re on the right path to creating a life you truly love.


Want a recap about Life Planner vs. Life Designer? Then download the free training & exercise to assess your behaviour in my “Life Designing Fundamentals” course. You’ll find the exercise in Week 1 of the course curriculum.

Click here to access the course page.



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