Option Overwhelm – how to Stop the Panic?

How to stop panicking when you feel overwhelmed by options? 

Blessed with countless options in your professional or personal life?
Options or ideas what to do next or how to move forward?

Sounds like a dream!

But what seems like a blessing for some, can quickly turn into a curst for others.
Having too many options can sometimes create the same panic as seeing no option at all.

And then there’s this paralyzing FOMO.
The fear of missing out something when we need to make a choice.

In this video I share a personal story of how I experienced a full blown panic attack.
And how this experience helped me to understand what I need to do in order to avoid future option overwhelm.

So this is what I learned:

#1 Grounding myself when panic starts to kick in

# 2 Looking for “guidance” that is neither too restrictive nor too vague

#3 Taking one step at a time and avoiding to look up at the horizon until I feel “on safe ground” again    


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