How to master this “time in between”…

You left your old career but haven’t arrived at your new destination yet?

Frustration and doubts are raising high as the days go by because you weren’t prepared for this “time in between”?

Let me tell you this, you’re not alone!


Most of the time we only focus on two points: the starting point, the life or career we left behind, and the new destination, the end point of our quest so to say.

There’re countless books, blogs, and movies out there that focus on how people finally make this leap of faith, how they leave their old career or life and jump into the unknown. Then, fast forward, they show how people are rewarded for their courage. How they end up in the life of their dreams, the job they truly love, the new amazing relationship or the new exotic country.

Wonderful. That’s what we want to read. And that’s what we want to experience.

But this is also a very restricted way of looking at an often long and complex process.

A process that might require much more from us than what it took to make the jump or take the leap of faith. 

It requires much more courage, much more determination, much more resilience, much more faith in ourselves and, very important, much more openness to seize all opportunities that cross our way, especially those that are different from what we expected. 


Life is Testing You


Yes, indeed. Life is testing you, especially in those times of uncertainty and change.

But never forget, it is a test in your favour!

A test to see if you understood that not knowing the answer, not knowing the destination, can be one of your greatest advantages.

A test to re-connect you with your faith in yourself. With your courage, your strengths, and your determination.

A test for your belief system and for challenging your limiting beliefs.

In other words, a test for making sure you know and tap into your most valuable internal assets and unique strengths.


Make this Situation work for You


This “time in between” is the best place to gain clarity.

I don’t mean the clarity about your next professional venture or job. Not at first.

I’m talking about the clarity what you truly want for yourself.

All those things you need for a thriving, a fulfilled, and a joyful life. Your Life Essentials, your Work Essentials.

And it’s exactly in those times where you finally have enough distance from the old, unwanted situation to be able to see things clearer.

So make the best use of this moment. It’s there to support you in moving towards a life you truly love, not only your next job!


Don’t stick too early to one Solution or Answer


Understanding that this “time in between” is a an important, if not the most important step in your journey makes it obvious why you shouldn’t stick too early to one specific solution or answer.

Keep yourself as open as possible. Even if you have already something in mind for where you want to end up, don’t ignore alternatives or  alterations that might cross your path as you move forward.

Sometimes alternatives end up being far better and much more authentic than what you had in mind originally.


Prototype your way forward


This “time in between” is not the time to (over)think your way forward.

Overthinking will get you no where in this moment. Or, better said, in any kind of moment.

This “time in between” is the perfect time to act. To get your feet wet, to test out completely new experiences or activities and let the answers emerge in an experiential, and not a rational way.

Clarity about your next professional or personal life steps only comes from real life engagement. Take my word for it.

And those kinds of answers that become apparent after prototyping your ideas are the ones you can truly rely upon. 



Make Self-Care a priority


At last, there’s one crucial element to master this “time in between” as good as possible. You need to make self-care one of your top priorities.

I’m talking about your emotional and physical self-care. 

Whenever going through a challenging period of transition and change, we risk adopting a tunnel vision after a while. Especially if we experience a lot of struggle, resistance or doubts.

And after a while nothing seems to matter except this one fundamental question that we want to solve for ourselves.

And the more we neglect our emotional and physical wellbeing during these times, the harder it gets to have the stamina to endure the challenges and be receptive for solutions.

So as tempting as it might be to just focus on career related topics while transitioning to your next professional venture, as crucial it is to pay attention to one of your most valuable assets: your emotional und physical wellbeing. 


Please, take my words to heart.

And open yourself up for the possibility that this challenging “time in between” might actually be one of the most valuable experiences of this whole journey.

And keep going, you’re on the right path to designing a life you truly love.



Are you looking for support on this journey? Do you wish some guidance in exploring what you truly want for your life?

Then check out my new Life Designing Online School and make this time in between your best time ever!




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