Life Designing, why it’s maybe NOT for you!

Do you always have everything figured out? Do you never feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward?

Well, in that case you really don’t need to learn about Life Designing. Because then you already ARE a Life Designer. Congratulations.

If not, listen to my story. It might sound familiar to you.

I also experienced times in my life where I felt completely stuck, lost and afraid to move forward. It seemed I had grown out of everything I had known, my values, my aspirations and my lifestyle. Nothing seemed to fit anymore but I had no idea what could be a better fit.

What followed was a long search, lots of trial and error experiences, lots of setbacks and lots of learnings. In the end, what I found most valuable to serve me as an orientation and guideline is what I share with you now because I know it really works.


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