Life Designing “behind the scenes” – change doesn’t happen in your comfort zone

I often get asked how I made this huge shift from spending my days attending European Parliament’s committee meetings, participating at hearings and conferences and representing German interests in the European policy making process to now, 4 years later, gathering people around me in Brazilian classrooms and training centres and leading people through transformative processes themselves.

Well, I can tell you, this shift didn’t happen over night. 

And it for sure didn’t happen in my comfort zone. 

Change doesn’t happen in your comfort zone – get comfortable with this

These last 4 years have been a rollercoaster constantly going back and forth between my growth and my panic zone. Not an easy ride, but definitely worth the stomach tickles.

Just let me point out that this is not a suggestion to do the same or to jump impulsively on the next “I-quit-everything-and-move-to-an-island” train.

Any kind of life and career change, also mine, has to happen consciously and with the bigger picture in mind.

But it has to happen outside your comfort zone and if you’re not willing to reside there for a while all changes you make will leave you with the feeling “same faces same places, maybe just another outfit”.

In case you find yourself at a crossroad, questioning your current status-quo, questioning where you’re heading towards in the next years to come, questioning your values and the rules you’re following,
I wholeheartedly invite you to take a little trip into the unknown. 

Breathe in this refreshing air of inspiration, amazement, gratefulness and sense of accomplishment that those experiences bring into your life.

Change happens through real life experience

Looking back, this major life change started out for me with a volunteer work engagement teaching English in rural Thailand which I managed to schedule in during the summer weeks when the European Institutions and Brussels were falling into their annual summer sleep.

And oh boy, how this experience had catapulted me out of my comfort zone. On every possible level.

But it had been the best preparation for all that was about to come.


I  had exchanged my career management books for real life learning experiences and this has prepared me to create a work and a life which I couldn’t have found in any of those books. 


And up to date, this is how I design my life and career path forward, going after all the amazing learning experiences out there which I only can find in my growth or even panic zone.



Change doesn’t happen in books, change doesn’t happen in taking one course after the 

Change only happens out there when engaging in real life experiences, out-of-the-box experiences.
And I would love to invite you to join me there.
You’ll love what you’re able to create for yourself.







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