Facing Challenges – the quality of your run up is what matters

Feel like a life or career challenge is impossible to overcome? Too big, too complicated, too scary?

Then think sporty.

Think like a high jumper.

You wouldn’t try to jump from stand still, right?

You would take a really good run up. And then it’s soo much easier to fly high.


Facing life or career challenges? Focus on your run up

Exactly the same applies to our lives.

Why would you put your whole life on hold and only focus on the obstacle?

Why would you slow down your own speed and try to “jump” this life obstacle from stand still?

This is almost impossible to do and the longer you freeze up in front of this obstacle and stare at this bar high above you the scarier and more intimidating it becomes.

So what you need is to take your attention (and tension) away from the bar and focus on creating movement and a really good run up.


Create a really good run up 


It’s crucial to integrate a really good run up when you want to overcome a life challenge.

And by run up I mean the “flow” and the positive energy that you manage to create in your life, despite facing this big challenge.

It’s easier than you think and it’s something most people do wrong.


In this video I will share with you my tips how I create a really great “run up” when facing obstacles.

Watch and find out how also you can “jump” your life challenges with greater ease. 

So keep moving, you’re on the right path to designing a life you love.

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