Design Thinking and Life Designing – connect the dots

So Design Thinking is around for quite a while now, widely applied across various professional areas and various design challenges.

It’s extremely useful in tackling complex problems that are ill-defined or unknown, by understanding the human needs involved and by creating innovative and novel products and services.

The five stages of this methodology are Empathising, Defining the problem, Ideating, Prototyping and Testing.



Great, but what does this mean for our lives? For Life Designing?

Think about how often you come to a point where it’s hard to even define what’s going wrong?

This subtle, or not so subtle feeling and confusion that keeps you paralysed and stuck.

So Life Designing is “guiding” your life challenge, which is often unclear at the beginning, through a series of steps.

First, you empathize, you re-connect with yourself, with your values, your needs, your essentials and you become aware of the correlation between the different areas in your life. Your work, your personal life, relationships and friendships and yourself (body, mind and soul). In Life Designing everything is about gaining an holistic meta view and everything is about creating a harmonious balance.

After this step your life challenge becomes much clearer and easier to define.  

And then the fun part can start: ideating. Always keeping in mind there are no bad ideas, no crazy ideas and there always have to be more than one idea. The more the better!

Prototyping is what is preventing you from procrastinating by setting the bar low, making it easy to get feedback and making it easy to fail.

After a Life Designing process every solution you’re about to test in real life, whether it’s a new career path, a change in your personal life, or smaller adjustments for creating more balance, is a solution much more likely to truly fit you and all that matters to you. In other words, a truly satisfying solution.  

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