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In my recent workshop, we had a very interesting discussion about how to find opportunities for our professional life, but also for our personal life and love life. Quite an interesting reflection, to think about how to maximize the encounter of great opportunities, no?

Without wanting to be the party spoiler here, but let me give you the end result of this conversation right away: “You’ll find those opportunities, where you don’t expect to find them!”

Yeah, great advice Yvonne, you might think now. So it’s a matter of luck or randomly hitting the opportunity jackpot?

Well, that’s actually not what I was thinking. What I mean by “you’ll find great opportunities, where you least expect them”, is to start looking and start acting outside of your life boxes.

Life doesn’t happen in boxes

Somehow, most of us have the perception, that life is divided in areas aka boxes. And whatever happens in one box, has to be solved in there as well.

So there’s our career box. A huge, often overcrowded box, and once things start to shake up in this area, we’re naturally looking for solutions within this box. So maybe you left your old job, wanted or unwanted, and are now looking for new career opportunities. What would you usually do to find opportunities? Yes, go on LinkedIn, browse through job platforms, revive your professional network, work with a career coach etc.

Or there’s our relationship box. When we’re looking for a new love, we usually sort through all the compartments of this relationship box, we’re doing our best to work through old, unresolved relationship issues or patterns, we’re doing our best to exude an aura of openness and readiness for new love encounters, and last but not least, we execute the more practical measures, like downloading a matchmaking app or asking friends to set us up.

By no means do I want to say, that’s a wrong approach, neither when it comes to our career, nor to finding love! Been there, done that myself. For many years, more or less successfully, I tried to juggle my life this way.

Life Designing teaches us, to look at life holistically

Yes, that has been a huge discovery for me. Starting to look at my life holistically, especially when one area wasn’t doing great.

So when I struggled being single, and wanted a new relationship, I stopped obsessing over my relationship box and zoomed out to take a look at other areas as well, my wellbeing, my health, my professional aspirations, the things I enjoyed doing in my leisure time. And I started to get active and balance certain shortcomings, so I could shape my Life Design holistically.

And guess what happened?

Well, when I realized that I also wanted to bring more purpose and meaning into my professional activities, and searched for volunteer work opportunities to support a good cause, yes, that’s when I met my love.

Or when I was changing my career and started from scratch my new venture as a Life Designing Coach and trainer, I stopped obsessing over career advice or networking platforms. Instead, I made sure to take care of my other life aspirations as well. Those things which do me good, which fill up my feel good tank. Movies, cultural events, inspirational talks.

And guess what?

Yes, exactly! At one of those inspirational talks, I sat next to a women and we started to chat. When I told her about my new venture with Life Designing, she was fascinated and wanted to know more. Long story short, her organisation was delivering professional training and became my first partner in organizing Life Designing workshops. And she became a good friend.

Break out of the boxes and there’ll be no more shortcoming of opportunities

These are just two examples of many, many great opportunities, which I encountered by allowing to look for opportunities outside a certain box. And by allowing my life to be a holistic piece of art, always mindful to pay attention to all areas of my life and allowing them to thrive equally.

So in case you feel like no, or too few, opportunities are coming your way, zoom out! Look at the big picture of your life and start getting active in all areas, that are important to you.

I’ll promise, once you break out of these boxed experiences and start to live holistically, there’ll be no more shortcoming of opportunities.

Are you looking for help to gain clarity about your holistic Life Design? Then check out my Life Designing Online training, and together we’ll explore your out of the box opportunities.

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