How to end your work day feeling energized

In this week’s video I’m sharing with you a super simple but super effective tool how you can maximize your energy and motivation level and feel energized, even after a long work day.

The first step is to become aware of your distorted sensation

Very often we have a distorted sensation about how many  joyful and invigorating and how many draining and exhausting experiences we have per day.

One negative, challenging, unpleasant experience can outweigh many positive experiences that happened the same day in case our focus is solely directed to the first.

So there are two simple steps to turn this around and change our energy level drastically:

You need to regain a realistic picture of what is happening during your work day, where are your “energy vampires” and where are your energy fuelers.

And I will show you a super simple and fast method how to do this best.


Become a great energy manager

Once you’ve uncovered your “energy vampires” and your energy fuelers, you have to become a great energy manager.

And this is simpler than you think.

We can always make changes and shifts, even small ones, and the effect will be stunning.
Enjoy this video and this simple but super effective tool to increase your energy and motivation level.

You’ll love the result. 

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