The downside of pursuing your dreams (Video)

I don’t know about you, but for me it has happened more than once, that I experienced the downside of pursuing a dream…. 

This huge fear, consciously or unconsciously, to start working on this dream…and failing!!!

Because then, the worst would happen. We’re left with nothing, not even a dream!

This can be a major block, whether it comes to entering a committed relationship, starting a family life, or materializing a business dream.

But I understood that this is a false perception of “pursuing one’s dream”. And a very limited one as well.

When we look at this topic through the lens of Life Designing, the situation is completely different and we can overcome our blocks easier and faster.

So in Life Designing, we simply can’t fail in pursuing our dreams, worse comes to worst, we change the “outer shell” of our dream and try other alternatives.

Are you committed to take action and designing the life you truly want?
Or are you still hesitant, how this Life Design might look like?

Then check out my Life Designing Online training, and together we’ll create your individual Life Design and come up with an in detail action plan, how to get there, step by step.

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