My biggest discoveries in 3 years of Life Designing (Video)

There’re certain things I definitely expected from using the methodology of Life Designing.
Facilitating career changes, for example.
Other discoveries truly caught me by surprise and had a major impact how I now work with Life Designing and how I live as a Life Designer.

Discovery #1

Life Designing is not a career development tool.

It is so much more than this. Life Designing is actually a new lifestyle and a different approach towards living our lives and mastering uncertainty.

I also didn’t foresee the “costs” of this new lifestyle: It’s a daily a commitment to being proactive, detaching from a masterplan or one specific outcome and a commitment to living in awareness towards my own needs, values, and aspirations.

Discovery #2

The other unexpected discovery had been that this “career tool” was exactly what I needed to address my biggest obstacles in creating a fulfilling life.

It turned out to be the right “life tool” for addressing my personal shortcomings that prevented me from living the life I always wanted.

With this video I’d like to encourage you to see Life Designing as something much bigger than a career development tool. And to find your individual way how to integrate Life Designing into your daily life.

For more Life Designing experiences check out my online training opportunities and become part of this amazing Life Designer’s community.

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