Covid Long-Distance Relationships – how to handle

long-distance relationship
In honour of Valentines Day, in honour of everyone who is in love and is facing challenges, I recorded this video for you and share with you the Top 4 Tips, that helped me to navigate the challenges and down-points of a long-distance relationship in times of a global pandemic.
I truly hope, they’ll give you some inspiration, how to shift your energy and feeling towards a positive and hopeful point.
And that they’ll help you to find ideas, how to grow stronger together despite being apart 💞



In this video, I`ll  share with you
  • how you can continue to grow your relationship despite being apart
  • why your expectations might be disappointed, and what to do about it 
  • how one simple exercise can change your emotional state profoundly and
  • why its crucial to start a difficult conversation from a point of positive emotion 




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