Can you name your Self-Saboteurs?


We all have them, those nasty self-sabotaging mental patterns.

But what once protected us when growing up, might now be our biggest obstacle in living our full potential for happiness, fulfilment and success. 



In this Video you’ll find out more about a cutting-edge Personal Development tool, Positive Intelligence, that supports you in enhancing your Positive Mental Muscles and quite down your mental Saboteurs.


Working on your Positive Intelligence always starts out by identifying your self-sabotaging patterns called “Saboteurs”. In total, there’re 10 different types of mental Saboteurs and we all have an individual set and combination of them, depending on our childhood experiences and childhood coping strategies. 

Those Saboteurs that once used to protect us, are now the reason we’re not tapping into our full, positive potential when it comes to relationships, life and work. In many cases we are driven by those Saboteurs and miss out the opportunity to experience our life through the perspective and actions of our positive brain, aka our “Sage”.

If we want to break those old, negative patterns, we have to start uncovering our Saboteurs, weaken them and start training our positive brain, our Sage.


To find out more about jour individual Saboteur blueprint, take the free Positive Intelligence Saboteur Test and start your mental transformation today.














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