Workshops and Training for Social Organizations


Every day, I am inspired by people who are driven and committed to changing the world for the better. People who often put the purpose and meaning of their work above all.

Strong care-givers, but unfortunately often poor care-takers when it comes to themselves.

And these questions and challenges repeatedly occur, when working in the field of social impact:

- How can I deal with professional challenges, setbacks and failure in a better way?

- How can I balance and reconcile different life areas, needs and values?

- How can I improve my time and task management?

- How can I increase my wellbeing: physically, mentally and emotionally?

In order to pursue a career of impact and meaning without trading our health, our private life, or our happiness, it is key to, firstly, create awareness and be mindful about managing our personal resources and, secondly, to build resilience through creating a balanced work life.

Build resilience and well-being.

Workinbalance workshops and training offer a great opportunity to explore our individual pre-conditions for a (work) life in balance. They help create a life plan to follow-up regularly and overcome sector specific challenges.
It is essential for individuals as well as organisations to be aware of the factors in our lives that give us positive energy, support, comfort and recognition in order to build resilience and well-being for a long-lasting career of social impact.