Life Designing & Enneagram

Life Designing Conversations

Life Designing is all about self-exploration and self-realization: Re-connecting with yourself, your strengths, your values, your aspirations.

Therefore, I’m inviting you on a self-exploration journey and will present inspiring personal development tools in the upcoming months to you, which you can combine with your individual Life Designing journey, especially during your Empathizing phase.

So this time it’s all about ENNEAGRAM, a framework of personality typing.

And a tool that supported my own self-exploration journey greatly and helped me to understand my strengths but also my trigger points in a better way.

Triinu Gröön, a certified Enneagram professional and expert in personal development, is joining me today and is explaining how Enneagram works, and how it could serve you.

I’m also sharing what Enneagram meant for me on my own self-discovery journey, and the valuable insights I gained for my personal growth.

Check out our conversation in this week’s video.

More information about Enneagram at:

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