What Life Designers are reading

As Life Designers we are striving to understand how we can create a Life Design that helps us and people around us to thrive. And as Life Designers we know that just chasing one positive emotion after the other isn’t enough to experience a fulfilling and meaningful life. It is so much more than this.

Dr. Martin Seligman, the founding father of positive psychology, demonstrates in his book “Flourish” that a holistic approach to our individual and collective well-being is key to a flourishing life and a thriving society.

Besides pleasant, positive emotions we also need to grow and nurture meaningful relationships, we need to embrace and accomplish challenges, and we need to find our personal sense of purpose and meaning.

Positive Psychology has a prominent place in how I understand, teach and apply Life Designing.

It’s one of the reasons why Life Designing always needs to be a holistic process.

Only by observing, challenging and understanding our status-quo from various perspectives we can create something truly meaningful and fulfilling, in other words we can create a flourishing life design.   





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