The Challenge You’re Facing Isn’t Yours (Video)

I know, this can be extremely challenging: your partner, a dear friend or a family member is struggling with a challenge, and you feel completely caught up in this situation.
Even worse, you feel helpless and disempowered, because it’s not in your hands, neither to tackle this issue, nor to solve it.

But just sitting around and observing a loved one struggle, this isn’t really an option, right?

In this video I share 3 possible action steps, in case you’re facing a struggle that isn’t yours.

  • Zoom out and asses your Life Design in a holistic way, then take action
  • Work on those new limiting beliefs, triggered through this situation
  • Adapt and reinforce your gratitude practice

I’ll show you, how you can reclaim your sense of empowerment and remain grounded, so you can be a great support whilst not losing yourself in someone else’s challenge.  

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