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Mindset Shifts & a New Freedom abroad, during times of Major Uncertainty in my life!

Recently, when I sat down for a podcast interview with Olympic Advisors, a Mobility Specialist based in Barcelona, I realized that all my professional life I’d spent as an “Expat”. 

Fresh out of University, I’d moved to Brussels, to launch an international career as a lawyer/ lobbyist and pursue this path for more than 10 years.
And then Brazil, another career and life-milestone.

Both experiences couldn’t have been more different from each other (and I’m not talking Geographics or weather-wise). Brussels had been an experience of following step by step a linear career path and Brazil had been exactly the opposite: nothing linear, nothing planned, nothing certain or foreseeable.

Both abroad-experiences had been extremely valuable, unforgettable experiences, that brought unforgettable learning experiences and unforgettable people and friendships into my life.

But I guess it had been the freedom of exploration, the uncertainty and the “lack of control” which I experienced in Brazil, that served as a catalyst to pro-actively create my purposeful and joyful new career and life path.

In case you’re in a moment of uncertainty and change, dear friend, not sure where to go next or how to move forward, that’s actually a good thing. That’s your moment of “freedom”.
The freedom of a “structured” exploration, if you keep a couple of life designing principles in mind, to facilitate this experience.

Join me for this new Podcast Interview with Olympic Advisors; 15 minutes of Life Designing & Mindset tips, mindset shifts, insights and personal experiences. And of courses, packed with loads of good vibes 🙂

You can find the interview on: Spotify or i-Tunes, Episode 8 of “Ready, Mindest, Go!”

Are you looking for support on your exploration-journey? Interested in my 1×1 Coaching Services? Simply send me an E-mail, and we’ll schedule a free orientation call.

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