Never give up on your dreams – but maybe readjust the path how to get there

Imagine you finally found your calling, your dream job, but you’re ready to throw in the towel because the weight on your shoulders feels too heavy? Then listen to Cata’s story and find out how Life Designing helped her to readjusted the path towards her dream.


Catarina Motta, Co-founder Aporé:

“Do you know this point when you’re ready to give up everything you dreamt about?

When the burden seems too big, the money doesn’t come in and nothing seems to make sense?

It was at this point that Yvonne showed up and gave me the strength I needed to keep moving.

I radically changed my career path, although I am not sure I ever had one because I changed jobs so many times,  and decided in 2014 to become a social entrepreneur with focus on education and employability of young people, the challenges are huge and sometimes overwhelming.

The meetings with Yvonne helped me to realise to what extend I had neglected my personal life, how much I had become one with my work and how this had drained my energy completely.

Above all, she helped me realise that it’s ok if I can’t handle everything or can’t handle everything on my own, and that it’s ok to fall. And that I need to actively look for positive energy and diversion in activities that I love and which give me strength for my daily battles.

She helped me to lift this enormous weight off my shoulders.

I am so grateful to you, Yvonne, continue with this wonderful work and support more and more people along this wonderful journey called life by helping us to stay in balance, making the right adjustments and helping us to keep going.”   


Please, never give up on your calling, your burning, the topic that makes you feel alive. But always keep in mind that the way how you live this calling needs to be aligned with everything else that is meaningful and fulfilling to you. 


Curious about Catarina wonderful project Aporé? Click here to learn more or to support

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