4 Powerful Gifts, You Should Give Yourself Now

Gift Yourself

With the Holiday Season at our doorstep, everything seems to be about gifts, gifts, gifts.

And even if you’re, quite understandably, opposing this Uber-materialistic gift circus, there’re certain gifts we shouldn’t neglect.

Great gifts we should share over-generously with the world around us, like gifting our attention, gifting some time, gifting compassion, gifting empathy and love, gifting knowledge and gifting joy. What could be more wonderful than giving away these gifts, and not just during the holiday season.

But wait, not so fast.

What about yourself? You also deserve to be showered with gifts, more than generously as well.

So in case you totally forgot about yourself during those hectic pre-holiday weeks, I want to share 4 gift ideas with you, that might change how you experience this holiday season, and all the months to follow.

1.) Gift Yourself some Vulnerability

The more we are rushing through our weeks, the more we try to get done till end of this year, the easier we can get caught in an emotional armour. We toughen up, just to make it through those hectic weeks and neither let ourselves nor our surroundings know, what’s truly going on.

What feelings this holiday season is stirring up inside us, and why this pre-scheduled festivity and joyfulness can sometimes cause “allergic reactions”.

No, we are not obliged to feel a certain way, just because it’s a certain time in the year. We don’t have to wear a shiny armour, just to appear to sparkle like we think we’re supposed to do around this time.

Gift yourself some well deserved vulnerability. Put this emotional armour aside, at least once in a while, and acknowledge what ever comes up, even those not so Christmassy feelings like, disappointment, fatigue, envy, sadness….they deserve to be there, and felt. Because nothing is worse than the pressure, thinking you need to “feel different”.

2.) Gift Yourself some heartfelt Connection

Yes, Dear, gift yourself some heartfelt connections. There’re people out there deeply caring about you. So take a little time these days to think who’s truly part of your inner circle. Those people you can count on, no matter what. Those people who ask you how you are, and truly want to know the answer. Those people who listen, and not just talk. Those people you feel a strong bond, even if you haven’t seen each other for months, or even years. I think you know exactly, whom I mean…

This is the perfect time to become aware of these heartfelt connections, in case the busyness of the last weeks pushed them into the background. Simply pick up the phone or write a little card to tell those people how much you appreciate them.

Yes, of course, by doing so, you’re giving them a wonderful gift of appreciation. But trust me, the gift you’ll receive by doing so, is equally delicious and joyful: The gift of feeling the warmth and security of true connection and belonging.

3.) Gift Yourself some Attention

Attention-gifts can come in so many shapes and forms. And most of the time, completely free of charge.

How about gifting yourself the attention about your own needs?

The attention to yourself when it comes to food, for example. The holiday season can be a real challenge for those who’re usually strongly self-controlled and rigorous about their diet. This can quickly flip into an all-or-nothing quest, ending up in remorseful overeating instead of mindfully and joyfully indulging yourself into all the delicious specialities, this season has to offer.

This time of the year is the right time to let go of draconian eating rules and giving yourself and your body your attention, to find out what your body truly wants.

4.) Gift Yourself some Pride

Yes, Dear. It’s time to gift yourself some pride. And this is not about those huge, life-changing or world-changing achievements you might have accomplished this year. No, this is about all the little stuff that usually goes unnoticed, especially by yourself.

All the times you’re getting up half an hour earlier, to make breakfast for your family and give them a great start into their day. All the times you offered to bring some coffee to your colleagues, whenever you fetched some for yourself. All the times you helped this elderly lady in your building with carrying something or holding the doors open for her. All the times you told someone to get in front of you at the supermarket cashier and made their day.

Nothing is too little, not to be taken into account. You do so much for others and now is the right moment to honor those acts, as small as they might see, they deserve your pride.

So what do you think? Aren’t those some wonderful gift ideas, in case you’re still looking for something that you can give yourself this holiday season? 💛

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