My Methodology


T he Workinbalance methodology is a combination of elements and tools from the fields of life designing, design thinking, theory u, positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, life coaching and various others, which I mix and match individually for each life situation, each person, each company, and each organisation. This enables to assess complex situations and challenges and to develop together with the client individual solutions and plans of action.

Life Designing, a human-centred design process to develop individual solutions.

Life designing originates from the field of design thinking. It is a human-centred design process to develop individual solutions for complex challenges. The 5 pillars of design thinking processes are empathising, defining the problem, ideating, prototyping and testing.

Adapting and applying these elements to life questions and life challenges has become a sought after field of research and teaching. It is offered by well-known institutions like Stanford University in order to approach and solve burning life questions and social challenges.

The scope of the workshops, training and coaching sessions will be defined in a free consultation session to ensure a perfect fit, tailored individually to each client’s needs.