My Methodology


T he Workinbalance methodology is a combination of elements and tools from the fields of Life Designing, Mindset Work, Theory U, Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Life Coaching and various others, which I mix and match individually for each life situation and each client.
This enables to assess complex situations and challenges and to develop together highly personalized solutions and a concrete plan of action.

Life Designing, create a life of Happiness & Meaning!

Life Designing originates from the field of Design Thinking. It's a human-centred design process to develop individual solutions for complex challenges. The 5 pillars of the design-thinking-process are empathising, defining the problem, ideating, prototyping and testing.

Adapting and applying these elements to life questions and life challenges has become a sought after field of research and teaching. It's offered by well-known institutions like Stanford University in order to approach and solve burning life questions.

I've developed a unique approach to using and teaching this methodology, and applying it to our life challenges. The focus of my work is directed to designing a life that feels holistically joyful and meaningful, since all areas of our life are closely interconnected and a good Life Design always happens within these interconnections.