My Methodology


W ith my unique combination of Brain-based Coaching®️ and Life Designing, I’m able to help you gain clarity, achieve tangible results, and create positive change in your life, fast.
Brain-based Coaching is a coaching approach deeply rooted in the latest findings of neuroscience. By taking into account how our brain works, this methodology ensures the most powerful, transformational and positive impact a coaching engagement can offer.

The main focus of my Brain-based Coaching is to help you become aware of your limiting beliefs and unsupportive behaviour patterns, to break free from these often unconscious behaviours and to facilite insights and learnings about yourself and your life goals and vision.

Combining this powerful and science-based coaching methodology with my expertise in Life Designing offers my clients incredible breakthroughs and long-lasting changes.

Life Designing & Mindset Coaching for a Life of Happiness & Meaning!

Life Designing is a very hands-on and creative tool, based on the well established Design Thinking Methodology, to solve complex problems, master uncertainty and explore innovative solutions. In short, Life Designing supports us in getting unstuck fast, and moving us from overthinking to action and progress.

Both methodologies, Brain-based Coaching and Life Designing, are aimed towards the same objective: redirecting our focus away from the problem and towards a positive vision and actionable change.

As a Result Trained Coach, certified in Brain-based Coaching and a Life Designing expert, my greatest expertise and achievement though lies in the hands-on experience of working, to date, with over 600 people in my workshops, training, and coaching and helping them to change their lives for the better.